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Get the new Coconut Info Keyboard when using our fonts with Yosemite or later here   (2/19/15)The Coconut Info Keyboard shows up in the Input Source menu. It is required for Hawaiian markings with CI fonts.
Check out our Hawaiian dictionary, for iPhone complete with Hawaiian Fonts and diacriticals

Polynesian Font
Based somewhat on artist Eric Gill’s wild proportional typeface outlines of the 20s that metaphorically went from normal bold to ultra stressed, Huinala abstractly goes where our other fonts don't. It even includes geometric shapes on most characters as well as Hawaiian diacritical markings. Great for a tattoo-look (kākau, tātau) to display on your printed page, your video, or your skin, perhaps. Hollow wound for transparent placement over background images. Sample. (One font style - PS 1 - OT wrapped)
Very Polynesian. Very unique, one in the world.
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Poho Font
Created in 2013, our POHO font for the Hawaiian Language (and many more). Scratched and splattered. Grungy to fit. Raucous sans serif and lazy delivery. Over 500 characters, Poho includes many unicode glyphs for foreign languages as well as fractions, bullets, etc. This font is keyed to work with the standard, stock Hawaiian Keyboard included in the Mac OS! (One font style - PS 1 - OT wrapped) Bigger Sample
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Polynesian Font
Our original Polynesian™ font for enhancing the functionality of Hawaiian Language and computer. Hints of Usherwood™. Originally introduced in 1986 as PS 3, then PS 1, now OpenType. Primary font in The Tales of Tutu Nene, best selling Hawaiian children's book from Island Heritage. Also used in Herb Kāne books and many other Hawai‘i publications. Includes fractions and a palm tree symbol in addition to the kahakō and ‘okina and all other Indo-European accents. (One font style - Regular) (Also available as TrueType for Windows, Symbol Encoding). Original classic. Unique. OpenType ready
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A variant for themes in which the 'a' is closed and faces to the right, like a 'd' without the ascent stem. Rounded symbols such as the explanation point and question mark and wider default kerning. Preferred by some as easier reading. Improved leading. There is only one in the world and this is it. Also includes font fractions and a palm tree symbol. (One font style - ‘Ōhi‘a). Only available from Coconut Info. OpenType.
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Moakaka Font Demo
This regular and historic serif typeface, keyed and kerned for Polynesian language, is named Moakaka. Moakaka can mean ‘plainly clear’ or ‘intelligible’ in Hawaiian. The type style is roughly based on M. Fuller Benton’s Clearface designs in the 30s using traditional affline transformations. OpenType (four fonts)
Purchase page $9.99 ea.  **ON SALE** or $34.99  **ON SALE** for the family (4 fonts)

Download all 4 styles  ||  Regular only  Bold only  Italic only  BoldItalic only
Kapa font
Hawaiian font Kapa
The Kapa font is reminiscent of writing on bark cloth, or tapa (Polynesian). Hawaiians scrawled on kapa perhaps not entirely unlike Egyptians scrawling on pithy papyrus. The style of the font Papyrus™ by Chris Costello inspired creation of this font. Kapa is similar to other CI fonts in that there are accurate inclusions of Hawaiian language markings. Crossed digits and special characters. NEW: Now OpenType for Mac (1 font style) - Also available as TrueType for Windows (Symbol Encoding)
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Inspired by 'Quiet Jungle' by Denny Martin
A variant of the Polynesian font that affords easy creation of decorative splash copy for print or web that automatically includes macron and `okina capabilities. Unlike most headline fonts, full lower as well as UPPER case. Great for banners, video, nostalgia, and genre titles. Type 1 PS. (one font)
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Pohaku Font
Polynesian Oldstyle demo
A rock solid sans-serif typeface geared for Hawaiian. Big, Fat and bold and to the point. Gets the message across clearly and immediately. Now OpenType. (one font)
Has all Hawaiian diacritics.
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Akelamoan Hawaiian Font
Hawaiian font Akelamona
Renaissance Roman serif family for Hawaiian language roughly based on Claude Garamond’s style. Extensively traced and re-worked over the years. Easy to read, nice style for a body of text. Now OpenType (four fonts)
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Download all 4 styles  ||  Roman only  Bold only  Italic only  BoldItalic only
Helvekika font
Hawaiian font Helvekika
This Zürich style CI font, similar to Arial™ was first available as a dynamic web font, this typeface was re-worked for optimum performance on OS X as a standard OpenType, (four fonts), with attractive Hawaiian diacriticals and embedded Palm tree symbol. Clear presentation of information. Sans serif no-nonsense style works well as a headline in accompaniment with Akelamona for body. Get both and you’re set to write your new book!
Professional and OS compatible
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 Download  ||  Roman only  Bold only  Oblique only  BoldOblique only
Hawaiian font Kauhua
Be original. In this case, a font was created with a Larkin persona. Escape computer type. Make the type on your next creative fling Kauhua! The handwriting is on the wall, and the kahakō and ‘okina are there when you need them. Perfect for that Hawaiian "note." Now OpenType - 1 font.
Very original…
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Pilaki font
Hawaiian font Pilaki
Based on the "modern" scripts of Robert E. Smith (1940s), Pilaki’s brush-written characteristics remain popular. It’s jazzy yet informal, and best of all has all Hawaiian pronunciation markings presented correctly. You’ll want its casual looks for advertising and sales. Unlike other brush scripts we believe Pilaki encoding really results in good looking Hawaiian text. One OpenType font for Mac. (Available in Windows via the bundle)
Check the difference in looks!
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Hawaiian font Palapala
The Palapala style font is common in Hawaiian heritage jewelry or Hawaiian heirloom bracelets. Hawaiian heirloom jewelry traces its origin to Hawai‘i’s monarchs who in 1883 visited the Royal Courts of England and Europe during the height of the Victorian Era. The style became adopted by the Hawaiian people - Palapala. Whether described as Gothic, Mediaeval or Hawaiian Regal, it is complete with Hawaiian pronunciation markings, including the macron. Type 1 PS or TT font. (available for Windows).
Great for stickers, tattoo, engraving, certificates…
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